Who we work with

Who we work with

We work with project managers, business analysts, programme managers and their project teams. We get projects working effectively through excellent meetings and workshops. Our clients include AbbVie, Assure UK, Barnardo’s, Cmed Group, ESI, Gantthead (USA), IIR (Middle East), Roche Products, Capital One, Johnson & Johnson, National Grid, NFU Mutual, Novo Nordisk (Denmark), PWC, BSkyB, Astra Zeneca, Samaritan’s Purse International, Sellefield Sites, Siemens, Redvespa (New Zealand), RWE npower, TotalJobs Group, Trexsol, Xelocity (Bahrain), Virgin Media, Skandia, British Gymnastics, Helmsley Fraser (for Rolls Royce),Fidelity, several leading universities(Sheffield Hallam, Loughborough, Manchester and Open), public services (Hampshire police, UK Government) and project management consultancies. Several of our clients are well known and ask us not to use their name on our website. We also work with individual project professionals, often consultants and contractors.

What sort of issues do our clients have?

Typically, our clients are individuals and teams in large, complex businesses. They are talented people, who are under considerable pressure to do more and more with less and less. They don’t always have a lot of line management authority, but still have to get things done across their organisations. The increasing pace of change means that there is little time to get things done, whilst the stakes are getting even higher. Meetings take up more and more time, intruding into evenings in the form of telephone conferences with colleagues around the world.


Here are typical situations facing our clients:

  • A project manager has a crucial meeting coming up. He wants to be free to be involved in the content of the meeting but he knows he’s not impartial. There is concern about potential conflict bubbling up in the team. He wants to ensure that the group reach their outcomes and don’t get stuck as they have in the past.
  • A team realise that they have wasted too much of their valuable time in ineffective meetings, in both face to face meetings and audio conferences. They want to put this right.
  • A business analyst realises that there are more ways to deliver information than just using ‘death by PowerPoint’ – slides covered in words. She wants to find out how to make her meetings and presentations much more memorable and effective.
  • A team of senior executives are working to address a major risk to their organisation. They are full of ideas and share a sense of urgency, but over time, they realise that they have been ‘going around in circles’ and their deadline is approaching.
  • An organisation has spent hundreds of thousands getting their project managers certified. Although many more documents are produced, project delivery hasn’t improved as much as hoped for and the stakeholders seem as disengaged as ever.
  • An organisation has identified a group of ‘high potential’ project managers as future leaders of major programmes of change. They need to be challenged, building on their strengths and enhancing their change and organisational capabilities.

‘This was a fun packed day. I have learned lots and can’t wait to get started back at work using my new tools. I liked the way we got lots of hands on throughout the day.’ Linda McKinven, Change Facilitator, BSkyB

Who can benefit from working with our team?

We know that we deliver excellent results with clients who share our outlook. Will you get these results with us too? You are likely to if:

  • You believe that a group of people in a meeting can achieve far more than the sum of its parts acting independently, even if this seems far out of reach sometimes.
  • You want to cut out wasted time and make your ways of working, and project delivery, both lean and effective.
  • You are enthusiastic about the challenges of business change and  committed to deliver valuable benefits to your customers, internal and external, and to the stakeholders of the change.
  • You know that your project team has the potential to deliver strong results consistently. You’re willing to invest in developing yourself and others. You believe in building on strengths, both your own and others. You make the most of all of the members of your team by using the differences between you as a way to make your team stronger.
  • You know that there is much more to making projects work than just passing an exam.
  • You have high expectations of people who work with you and expect them to have high expectations of you, in terms of delivery, effort and quality of work, as well as integrity.
  • You enjoy finding innovative solutions that deliver practical results that fit in the context of your own business.

‘I would really recommend this course to colleagues who struggle with great, inspiring visual presentation at their meetings’ Jocelyn Reavley, Project Manager, AstraZeneca

So, if we have a lot in common, I suggest that you find out more about how we work with our clients, read about the results we’ve helped people deliver, sign up for our newsletter or just contact us to discuss your own specific challenges.

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