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Our Services

We enable you to make your projects work through …

Facilitating Your Project Workshops

When you have a really important meeting coming up, how can you be sure that you’ll achieve your objectives?

However skilled you are, your role is to be involved in the discussion and crafting the results, not in running the workshop. You’re unlikely to be seen as impartial either. What about your very diverse group of stakeholders? You know that this meeting will need careful handling. You want to bring out the best from everyone, avoid conflict and get excellent results.

‘Penny is an excellent facilitator and change professional. She can help groups to reach outcomes which from the outset do not look possible.’

We run the full range of workshops for projects and programmes

Developing Your Own Meeting Capability

As a professional working with change, do you spend a lot of your time in meetings? Most project managers spend between one and three days each week. We ask audiences, ‘How many hours have you spent in meetings that were not the best use of your valuable time?’ The answer is always ‘Too many!’

So what can you do to develop your own and your colleagues’ skills in running really effective project meetings? Here are our programmes:

Facilitation Skills for Project Professionals – the Two Day Workshop

Workshop Graphics Made Easy


We can support you and your team through:

Supporting Your Workshops through Workshop Design

Raising Your Project Team Performance


Penny Pullan, our founder, speaks widely for companies and professional organisations, with great feedback. She speaks about ‘Making Meetings Work’ in a way that is knowledgeable, engaging and humorous. People leave with a host of ways they can improve their meetings immediately.

‘Very good speaker – could have been longer!’

Need a keynote speaker for your conference?

Graphical Tools to Use for Your Project Meetings

Meeting Start Up

Meeting Start Up Cards

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