How we work

How we work

What’s it like working with the Making Projects Work team? See the results our clients achieve and our core values, our approach to projects and how we’re different from the rest:

What to expect when you work with us

  • People running key workshops can relax and be fully involved with discussions, problem-solving and decision making, as we facilitate their group to meet agreed objectives. They are confident that we will work with any conflict that arises to move the group forward.
  • Meetings are considerably more focussed and effective. Meeting time is cut by around 30% and only those people who need to be there are there.
  • People both enjoy and easily remember what happens in meetings, as they are engaged and involved. Powerful graphics help people literally to ‘see’ what they mean.
  • Project delivery becomes a focus, with a clear vision so everyone understands where they fit in to delivering both the changes and the resulting benefits.
  • Project managers are challenged in their thinking, developing skills to deal with uncertainty and conflict. They can use meetings to excel in both project delivery and team relationships.

‘The two days were packed with activity which kept everyone on their toes but the balance between theory and relevant practice was both stimulating and value adding. A spin off benefit was that it was the first time departments had spent such quality time together and the outputs really benefited from this interaction.’ Ian MacLeod, Head of Operations and Logistics

Our core values

Project work, even project meetings, should be interesting and engaging. We make sure that everything we do encourages people to perform at their best. No-one in our workshops sits all day watching slides covered in words, whilst those same words are read out aloud. That’s proven to deaden the brain. We use the developing knowledge of how people think when designing sessions, always building on what works for our clients.

Long-term, sustainable change is important to us and to our clients, and this is what provides lasting value. We believe that this comes from focussing on solutions, rather than problems. We look for the positive and build on what’s already working. We communicate ideas in ways that get through.

We are in it together – what we do is for the mutual benefit of the client, their people and our company. We commit to shared goals and work as a team with our clients.

We commit to deliver in a professional way, and set very high standards. We believe in ourselves and act with conviction. We stay neutral when facilitating and we work hard to be objective. We go the extra mile.

We encourage ourselves and others to learn – we are always improving what we do. We invest in new skills to allow us to meet the needs of our clients. We have high expectations of ourselves and others. We ask for and act on our client’s feedback, so that we can improve all the time. We try hard not to take ourselves too seriously!

We innovate and use a wide variety of tools and techniques – as long as everything we do supports the client’s purpose and builds on the work they’ve already done.

‘Thanks so much for this and once again so much for all the hard work and preparation you put into the evening.  I agree I thought it was a really helpful and enjoyable time of ideas and buzzing generally.  Thank you’ Barry Hill, Leicestershire

Our unique approach

In today’s marketplace, you will find facilitators and consultancies all clamouring for your business. So what is different about Making Projects Work?

We are all trained facilitators and have at least five years experience of leading project meetings and workshops to successful outcomes.

We have all worked with change. Our consultants have at least fifteen years experience of working in blue chip companies – with a track record of delivery on the ground with projects and programmes.

We know what makes projects work (and meetings too) because we’ve been there and done it. During our careers we’ve learnt what works, and what doesn’t!

All of our team have a passion for people. We believe that it is people who make projects work – when they are able to engage with each other and have the tools they need to do the job, in a way that makes the most of their strengths. We have strengths in coaching people to perform, both as individuals and teams.

We keep you thinking – all our workshops, meetings and training courses appeal to a variety of learning styles. We have invested in tools that work. We use powerful visuals to highlight key points. We adapt what we do to suit what’s most effective in your environment. We avoid endless slides and the lethargy they can cause!

Our founder holds all the most important certifications in the project management world – PMP, PRINCE2 Practitioner and MSP Practitioner – in addition to being a Certified Professional Facilitator of the International Association of Facilitators. We don’t believe that these are the ‘be all and end all’, but at least now we know!

Now that you have a better idea about how we work, go to our services page to find out about the specific services we offer, or just contact us to discuss your own specific challenges

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