Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

One to One Intensive Coaching and Mentoring

Do you want support with your projects? Should it be tailored to meet your precise needs at this moment in time, whether training in the best tools for the job, questions that make you think or mentoring which taps deep into previous experience of similar situations? If so, contact Penny Pullan, either for yourself or for someone in your team to experience this very effective way of making projects work quickly.
Read the case study of how this worked for our client, Carla Mulvaney, here.
Read the case study of how this worked for a business analyst contractor, Patricia K, here.

Group Mentoring Programmes

Since 2012, we’ve been working with groups to run mentoring programmes, in the areas of experienced BA Contractors (our Outstanding Outsiders programme), our Virtual Risk Facilitation programme and our New BA Contractor programme, which supports the transition from permanent to contractor roles. We find that this way of working with virtual groups, using our online learning environment, supports change and individual development with the least time away from work. It proves cost effective yet targeted development, with support from the mentor and the rest of the group.

Supporting Your Workshops through Workshop Design

When you need support for a specific meeting or project, contact us. We will work with you one-to-one to define the purpose and outcomes for your meeting and design an outline and plan/a series of alternative plans with you to achieve your objectives.

Raising Your Project Team Performance

Our team performance specialists use tools, such as Myers-Briggs and Firo-B, to give your team the language to describe and understand differences. This allows you to adapt and build on each other’s strengths and preferences. Through careful questions and guided group discussions, your team will grow in understanding and performance.

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