Case Studies

Case Studies

Mentoring Case Studies

Outstanding Outsiders gives Mercy confidence and competence.

Mercy had been a business analyst contractor for a while. She loved analysis and wanted to progress, without moving on to project/programme management. She wasn’t sure what to do next. Then someone suggested that she should join Penny Pullan’s ‘Outstanding Outsiders’ programme. Find out how it changed things for her …

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Mentoring gives Carla (Business Manager) both Confidence and Success

Carla Mulvaney was a Business Manager at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. When an important project came her way, she knew she needed to develop her skills as a project leader, but how?

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Mentoring enables Patricia (BA Contractor) to boost her career and surprise herself

Patricia, a very experienced and capable business analysis contractor, was looking to boost her career and confidence. When working with Penny, she found lots of support but also some surprises in store…

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Training and Consulting Case Studies

Developing Project Management Capability in an International Relief Organisation

A non-profit’s mission is to provide support and emergency relief and development assistance to suffering people around the world. Over the last few years, there had been a tremendous amount of change within the organisation. Tensions had built up between departments around their approach to projects and how to make them work.

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Starting to Build Facilitation Skills with Business Analysts from a major UK Company

The internal IT department of a major UK company has a large team of business analysts. Getting the most out of meetings is a key part of their role, which includes gathering requirements and developing business cases for change. We gathered the analysts’ views of their own meetings. These included:

  • unresolved issues,
  • the need to repeat meetings to gather missed data,
  • unclear objectives,
  • actions often not completed, and not followed up.

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Facilitating Change for a Programme Manager

A manager in a major company had a problem. He’d been given a programme that would shake his organisation to its core. Like many companies nowadays, their marketplace was changing fast. They could not continue along the path they had followed for years. The employees, on the other hand, were quite happy doing just that and could not see the need for so much upheaval, and tended to ignore it.

The manager needed to gather everyone together to understand and work with the change in direction – he knew he couldn’t do it alone.

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Adding the Powerful of Graphics and Visual Thinking to Meetings

John is a busy project manager in the pharmaceutical industry. His life is full of meetings. Engaging his project team and a wide range of stakeholders is critical to his success. He knows that his meetings could do with an extra edge, especially given the visual world of the 21st century. He wants to move away from PowerPoint slides covered in words, which tend to bore his audience. He has no confidence in his own graphical/visual skills.

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