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How many hours have you spent in meetings that were not the best use of your valuable time? Far too many?

Like most project managers and analysts, you spend at least a day in meetings each week. This is due to

  • the increasing complexity and scope of projects;
  • a wider range of more diverse stakeholders;
  • reduced support, due to ongoing cost cutting;
  • higher workloads than ever before.

To deliver consistently nowadays means knowing how to make your project meetings work. This can cut time spent by 30% as well as building better relationships across teams. It’s efficient and effective.

I’ve applied several of your tips and managed to finish all my meetings earlier than planned – it’s working!  Dr Pierre Marchand, Shell Project Manager

Making Projects Work Ltd, based in the UK, works with large companies that are involved in complex change projects and programmes. Our founder, Penny Pullan, developed her skills with change professionals inside a multinational. Now our team are making meetings work, and projects too, for other large organisations. It could work for you.

‘As a direct result of this work our planning has gone out by a further 6 months with more to follow. This is a fundamental change in the way we operate and it yields more time for quality preparation rather than “seat of the pants” responses. This will translate into cost savings that will find their way into projects that are at the heart of our work.’ Ian MacLeod, Head of Operations and Logistics

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